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  • Purchasing your first home can be an extremely satisfying experience, it can however also cause quite a lot of stress. Although there may be a lot of excitement involved in getting into your new home, there are quite a few factors that could cause a lot of tension. Keep in mind that for most people, this will be the biggest investment they will ever make so it is a must that an experienced mortgage broker in Auckland helps you find the best available bank rates and make the best financial decision. Planning ahead of time as well as sensible advice can simplify the process.

    What You Should Keep In Mind When Talking With Mortgage Brokers

    The best Auckland mortgage brokers will help you figure out some of the key questions that may be going through your mind are as follows:

    • How much deposit is needed?
    • Who is the best lender?
    • Should I enlist the help of a Mortgage Adviser?
    • How much will the repayments be?
    • Is there anything else I should know?

    The requirements for deposit will vary from lender to lender and are usually based on criteria which overtime can change, Although most lenders state that the ideal deposit will be twenty percent of the complete purchase price, there are lenders whose deposits can be as low as ten percent and at times, even lower.

    There are times in which lenders will require that at least a portion of the deposit be genuinely saved and can be proven with a minimum history of three months savings, this could be through a bank account of investment which includes KiwiSaver.

    If this is the first time you are purchasing a home but have been in KiwiSaver for a time period no shorter than three years, you may be eligible for withdrawal of your KiwiSaver money, with the exception of the $1,000 kickstart. There is also the possibility of being eligible of accessing a KiwiSaver Homestart Grant, these are available from Housing New Zealand. Those who have purchased a home in the past may also, after first applying for approval, be eligible to withdraw from their KiwiSaver as well as for a KiwiSaver Homestart Grant.

    There are cases in which someone may qualify as well as benefit from a Welcome Home Loans package where they are able to borrow as much as ninety percent of the complete price of purchase.

    There is also the option of using a guarantor who is able to provide security for the amount that must bne borrowed, this generally must be eighty percent of the complete purchase price. The guarantor you choose should be someone you trust, close family preferably and also be in a strong financial position. Before agreeing to acta as your guarantor, it is best that they seek independant legal advice.

    The level of deposit that you will need is something that your Mortgage Link Advisor can advise you on.

    How Much Will the Repayments Be?

    So that you can guarantee that you will not be putting yourself under too much unecessary financial pressure with the purchase of your first home, it is important to know what your repayments will be.

    Do not overlook the other expenses that go hand in hand with owning a home of your own home, for example; repairs and maintenance of the home, home insurance, council rates, life/mortgage repayment insurances, and body corporate fees.

    Planning for times in which interest rates may increase, for a decrease in your income, starting a family etc. are all important as well.

    You can also be advised by your Mortgage Link Advice on mortgage repayments and they can also show you how your mortgage can be paid off faster.

    Who Would Be The Best Lender?

    One thing that everyone wants to know is which lender or bank offers the best and lowest interest rates. For every situation, the answer will be different and the best person to advise on this would be your Mortgage Adviser, they are the ones that clearly understand your financial situation and the specific requirements.

    There are a lot of thing to take into consideration when you are comparing lenders for example, which ones consistently offer competitive interest rates and lower account fees, also who offers the the loan structure that is most suited for you. Most homeowners with a deposit that is low will have to take into consideration any additional costs which will be charged by the lender.

    Should I seek out the help of a Mortgage Adviser?

    To make sure that the advice you are being provided is the best, you should get the help of a Mortgage Adviser or Broker, registered to practice in NZ, who is able to access to a variety of banks as well as other lenders and who is experienced and knowledgeable enough to help you acquire the best mortgage as well as show you how to properly structure the mortgage so it can be payed off faster.

    A good mortgage adviser will also be able to assist you in the entire process of purchasing your own home.

    Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

    Purchasing your first home or refinancing your mortgage can be a stressful event, in order to make sure that process is as simple as possible, you should work with your Mortgage Adviser.

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