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  • Build your Dream Home

  • Are you ready to build your dream home?

    There are so many decisions that need to be made when you start the home building process.

    Many individuals dream of having a home custom built with a design that perfectly suits their desired lifestyle and family situation. However, although it can be fun to build a home and provide you with a strong sense of accomplishment, it can be very stressful as well and end up being more expensive than planned if you aren't very careful about watching your costs.

    Were you aware of the fact that you can borrow as much as 95% in order to have your new home built?

    Although it isn't as easy to get a low deposit home loan as it is for purchasing existing property, banks can still offer low deposit mortgages to individuals who are having new homes built and so for numerous first home buyers it has become a viable option. Due to this, numerous banks have redone their construction financing in order to specifically offer home loans for first home buyers wanting to have their first home built. Those loans let you choose a house design and section and have it built with a fixed price contract to make sure that all costs are managed well. It really is possible to have your dream home built with assistance from a mortgage adviser.

    At Mortgage Broker Auckland, our team of experienced mortgage advisers can find the best construction finance that will meet all of your specific needs.

    Your Mortgage Broker Auckland Adviser can help you with a wide range of services ranging from explaining various kinds of loans that are available, the required paperwork, finalizing the loan approval, all the way through to making sure the progress payments go through smoothly.

    Our Mortgage Broker Auckland team is available for you to answer any questions you might have and make the entire process much more enjoyable for you.