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  • Investing on a Rental Property

  • When you are thinking about buying a rental property or developing a property portfolio there are a number of different things that you need to know first. These include the following:

    • Can I leverage off of my existing home's equity or will I need to make a deposit?
    • What is the best entity for owning the property?
    • How can my loan be structured to best take advantage of tax laws that are currently in place?
    • Should I pay both interest and principal or have an interest only loan?

    One of the ways of getting the most from property ownership has always been being able to increase your wealth via having tenants to pay your mortgage. In the right situations, property investments can be a great superannuation scheme as well. Frequently you might need to put a deposit down in order to get started since the equity in your current home might be sufficient. There are numerous ways to structure your investment lending depending on what your specific needs are. To ensure that you make the best decisions and receive the guidance you need to understand the complexities that are involved with rental investment financing, be sure to contact an experienced member of our team.